Thursday, October 30, 2008


Business Name: Geary's Auto Service

Offering: Automotive Repair

Location: 811 S. Carl, Siloam Springs, AR

Phone: 479.524.8830

Ted Geary is one of those rare people who seems to have motor oil pumping through his veins. If it has an engine...he can fix it.

In the past we would usually shop around for anyone who had the time to get our car into the shop fairly quick. The results were always mixed. Either they would turn out to be "part's changer's" (just start changing parts until you finally hit the part that was bad [big money]), or they thought they were a rock star (or so the charge[$] would indicate).

Not with Ted Geary. He is faithful to carefully analyze the problem and call you back with his estimate. He never does any costly work without customer approval first.

Unlike some in the business, Ted will also tell you when the vehicle is a lost cause. He realizes that we all work hard for our money, and even though he could profit, he chooses to give his honest opinion of the situation. He looks at the situation as if it would be one of his family driving the vehicle and you can count on him to not put you back in a vehicle that is unsafe without warning you of the situation.

On the downside, Ted is one very popular mechanic and it might take a couple of days to get your car in. When he does get it in though, he's pretty quick. Compared to most other shops, he's still very timely.

Like I said, Ted is now the only mechanic we use. He's honest and very trustworthy. Driving old vehicles like we do, we will usually have a car in his shop 3-4 times a year, yet we've never paid a bill that we felt was less than fair. Often, in comparison with other businesses, we feel like we've gotten a deal (not just our opinion).

For the last five years that we've been a customer of his, Ted's always been quick with a smile and proven to be a man of integrity.

If you need more than this revue, just go into any automotive part's house in town and mention his name; you'll be pleased with their opinion of him and his business.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Business Name: Farmer's Coop

Offering: Farm & Feed Supply

Location: 112 West Division, Westville, Oklahoma

Phone: 918.723.3641


In the spring time, this farm store has all your garden seed supplies in addition to fencing, livestock and agri maintenance year around. They carry quality feed, boot's, tools and just about any farm related need you might have.

I've always enjoyed going in to visit with Wes(Pic. on the right-right side), who is very friendly and knowledgeable about all things agri. Their prices are very fair and you always leave with a feeling that you've just had a good visit with a friend. I've never had a disappointing visit at the "Westville Farmer's Coop." They will even load your feed for you.

This is not one of those "Box" farm stores. You will quickly get on a first name basis with these fine people.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Business Name: M&M Pawn

Offering: Pawn Shop

Location: Northeast Intersection of Hwy. 412 & Carl St.

Phone: 479.524.2274

I love this shop. They offer quality used merchandise at a reasonable price. If you don't like the price, they entertain any offer (not saying that you can get a steal, but very fair).

This is where I got my last chainsaw. It was a lightly used Stihl chainsaw that sold new for over $500.00. I got it for just under $200.00...
The folks are always friendly and the store has always been easy to get through. Some Pawn shops are like a junk store...not this one.

I've seen everything from musical instrument's, gun's, computer's, and various other items. Don't want to forget that you can find tools & camera's.

There is also a used vehicle dealer consolidated in with this location.

This one is any easy recommend. They are right on the main highway and easy to locate.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Business Name: Bennett Hardware

Offering: Hardware-Plumbing-Electrical-Paint-Outdoor Equipment

Location: Hwy. 59, Westville, OK

Phone: 918.723.3342


Now if you're like me, you always seem to need a part that is no longer made or nobody has heard of. In the case of "Bennett Hardware," this is the one place that has had what I need 99% of the time. Also, they won't just let you stand around until they decide to help you, but rather, when they see you, you're always asked how they could help.
In addition to hardware, they carry anything from a bolt for your lawnmower to a new television set. If you need it, they will most likely have it.
They have a very competent small engine repair person in the back of the store and they are an authorized "Stihl" dealer featuring both new and used equipment.
"Bennett Hardware" will very likely be your first & last stop for all your hardware needs.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Business Name: Guinn's Automotive & Tires

Offering: Automotive maintenance & repair, Tires

Location: Hwy. 62 Westville, Ok

Phone: 918.723.5499

I've only used Guinn's for their tire service; their business card indicates they also offer oil & lube. I'm sure they do much more though.
The fine folks at Guinn's always have a friendly and professional attitude and work in a manner that recognizes that your time has value. If you have an automotive need be sure to give the good people at "Guinn's Automotive & Tires" a call. They'll Get you back on the road.