Sunday, October 26, 2008


Business Name: M&M Pawn

Offering: Pawn Shop

Location: Northeast Intersection of Hwy. 412 & Carl St.

Phone: 479.524.2274

I love this shop. They offer quality used merchandise at a reasonable price. If you don't like the price, they entertain any offer (not saying that you can get a steal, but very fair).

This is where I got my last chainsaw. It was a lightly used Stihl chainsaw that sold new for over $500.00. I got it for just under $200.00...
The folks are always friendly and the store has always been easy to get through. Some Pawn shops are like a junk store...not this one.

I've seen everything from musical instrument's, gun's, computer's, and various other items. Don't want to forget that you can find tools & camera's.

There is also a used vehicle dealer consolidated in with this location.

This one is any easy recommend. They are right on the main highway and easy to locate.

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