Saturday, October 25, 2008


Business Name: Bennett Hardware

Offering: Hardware-Plumbing-Electrical-Paint-Outdoor Equipment

Location: Hwy. 59, Westville, OK

Phone: 918.723.3342


Now if you're like me, you always seem to need a part that is no longer made or nobody has heard of. In the case of "Bennett Hardware," this is the one place that has had what I need 99% of the time. Also, they won't just let you stand around until they decide to help you, but rather, when they see you, you're always asked how they could help.
In addition to hardware, they carry anything from a bolt for your lawnmower to a new television set. If you need it, they will most likely have it.
They have a very competent small engine repair person in the back of the store and they are an authorized "Stihl" dealer featuring both new and used equipment.
"Bennett Hardware" will very likely be your first & last stop for all your hardware needs.

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